January 22, 2015

H&M's Modern Essentials by David Beckham

Always wanted the men in your life to dress more like David Beckham? Well now they can, on an H&M budget.
In addition to a new installement of David Beckham's Bodywear collection for H&M, he will be choosing his key-items of the retailer's spring line-up. 
He's not designing a collection but rather choosing his favourite pieces for spring from H&M's Modern Spring 2015 collection, pieces of personal taste and what he likes to wear daily. Essentials include a linen bomberjack and blazer, a poloshirt and a white-washed denimjack. All modeled by the man himself. 

The pieces chosen by Beckham will be called Modern Essentials by David Beckham and will be availlable for sale along with his Spring Bodywear collection on 5 March. The collection will be celebrated with an accompanying campaign video shot by the famous director Mark Foster.
Foster said it was Beckham's "acute eye for cinematic storytelling that struck me during the filming of this campaign." Adding that "He doesn't make H&M clothing look good, he makes it look great. "

Watch the behind-the-scenes video above. 

Samiya Cusman

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